The mission of the Washington State Office of Public Defense (OPD) is "to implement the constitutional and statutory guarantees of counsel and to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of indigent defense services funded by the state... ."  RCW 2.70.005.  Established by the Legislature in 1996, OPD is an independent agency of the judicial branch.  


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Drug Possession Statute found Unconstitutional - State v. Blake

The Washington Supreme Court decided in State v. Blake  that the state’s main drug possession law RCW 69.50.4013(1) was unconstitutional and “void.” Anyone convicted under this statute (or its earlier versions) may be eligible to have their conviction vacated, legal financial obligations (court fees and fines) reimbursed, and/or be resentenced. People on Department of Corrections (DOC) community custody for this crime may be eligible for a commutation order from the Governor. 

More on Blake

Vacate your conviction and receive reimbursement for your paid LFOs

Commute your Community Corrections sentence


Youth Access to Counsel Hotline

The Washington State Office of Public Defense (OPD) is currently developing a Youth Access to Counsel (YAC) hotline to serve youth who need to consult with an attorney pursuant to RCW 13.40.740. We are seeking attorneys to work on-call shifts to provide advice to youth when they are subjected to custodial interrogations or asked to consent to protected searches. We are looking for defenders to serve as the inaugural group of attorneys as we develop this exciting program! 


Supreme Court Appoints Advisory Committee Chair- Andrea S. Jarmon

Chief Justice Steven C. Gonzalez announced the appointment of Andrea S. Jarmon to the OPD Advisory Committee Chair.  OPD Director Larry Jefferson is pleased to welcome Ms. Jarmon to the Advisory Committee. She will step into the role on October 1, 2021.  Please click the link above to learn more about Ms. Jarmon and her extensive accomplishments.


How Gender and Race Affect Justice Now

The Washington State Supreme Court Gender and Justice Commission releases the results of its extensive study of gender, race, and other disparities in Washington State’s court and carceral systems. The report covers topics ranging from youth to adults, from civil to criminal, and from one’s ability to access the courts to one’s legal, financial, family, and health impacts of conviction and incarceration at the end of a case. The report also provides recommendations on how to address the problems identified.  


COVID-19 and Public Defense

The COVID-19 pandemic have had significant impacts on public defense. The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) Council on Public Defense promulgated comments [PDF] on public defense caseloads during COVID-19. This is not a new rule, but rather guidance on existing rules given the current challenging environment and changing patterns of criminal and juvenile filings. Additionally, OPD collaborated with WDA and WACLD to conduct a statewide survey of defense attorneys to better understand working conditions during the pandemic. The survey results are summarized in the report Defending Clients in the COVID-19 Environment: Survey Results from Private and Public Defense Counsel [PDF]


Indigent defense services administered by OPD:

OPD cannot provide direct representation of clients, pursuant to RCW 2.70.020.The previous hyperlink exits the OPD website.

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