State v. Blake

If you have been convicted of possessing drugs, you may be entitled to get the conviction taken off your record. If you are on community custody with the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC), you may be entitled to be immediately released from supervision through a commutation of your sentence by the Governor. If you paid any of your fines on drug cases, you may be eligible to have your fines reimbursed. 


Blake Resources for the Public

 How to Get Your Drug Conviction Off Your Record 

In order to get your drug conviction vacated, you need to contact the county court where you were convicted. Each county has a different approach for addressing these cases. If you are seeking a lawyer to assist you in getting your conviction vacated, your fines reimbursed, or resentenced, see this page: This page provides links to county-level information and instructions. 

Public defenders and civil legal aid attorneys are helping to vacate the convictions of people who are not currently serving sentences, but resources are limited. If you were convicted of drug possession and no other offenses and your conviction was not recent, you may want to consider preparing and filing your own motion to vacate with the court. Click here for more information:  How to clear(vacate)your drug possession conviction after State v. Blake | | Helpful information about the law in Washington exitingwebsite.


 Getting Off of Community Custody  

If you are currently serving a sentence of Community Custody with the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) for Possession of Controlled Substances (RCW 69.50.4013), and you are not serving a sentence for any other crimes, you may be eligible for a Commutation Order from the Governor. Learn more about Blake commutation orders. 

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