Public Defense Regional Training

October 25, 2018

Skagit Station, 105 East Kindcaid Street, Mount Vernon


Agenda pdficon grsmall

Partial Credit Reporting Form pdficon grsmall


Presentations and Materials


First Appearance Advocacy - Joshua Kellemen

Presentation pdficon grsmall 

Motion for Discretionary Review - No Prelim Appearance docicon blsmall

Motion for Discretionary Review - Failure to Quash Warrant or Provide Contested Hearing docicon blsmall

Order Denying Motion for CrR 3.2.1 Hearing pdficon grsmall

Motion for Immediate Bond Hearing upon Bench Warrant docicon blsmall

Motion to Shorten Time for Bond Hearing upon Bench Warrant docicon blsmall

Objection to Changed Release Conditions without a Hearing docicon blsmall

Objection to Monetary Bail to Protect from Violence docicon blsmall 

When Pleading "Guilty" is Effective pdficon grsmall

Setting Bail for Public Safety pdficon grsmall

The Law of Recognizances in Colonial Pennsylvania pdficon grsmall


Working with Experts - Sonja Hardenbrook

Presentation pdficon grsmall

Checklist for Retaining a Testifying Expert Witness pdficon grsmall


Non-English Speakers in the Courtroom - Judge Laura Riquelme, Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez

Presentation pdficon grsmall

Interpreter Checklist for Defense Attorneys pdficon grsmall

Top 10 Tips for Attorneys Working with Interpreters pdficon grsmall


Calculating LFOs - Judge Linda Coburn

Presentation pdficon grsmall

LFO Calculator

LFOs - A Comprehensive Tool-Kit for Helping Your Client Avoid Unnecessary Fines and Fees (WDA) pdficon grsmall


Ethical Obligations to Immigrant Clients - Sara Sluszka, WDA

Presentation pdficon grsmall

WDA Immigration Intake Worksheet pdficon grsmall

WDA Defender Protocol for Immigrant Clients Facing ICE Custody pdficon grsmall

WDA Directory of Immigration Resources and Practice Advisories pdficon grsmall

Immigration Consequences of Crimes Summary Checklist pdficon grsmall

WDA Practice Advisory - Negotiating 180-Day Sentences for Gross Misdemeanors pdficon grsmall 

WDA Practice Advisory - Defending Noncitizens Charged with DUI pdficon grsmall

WDA - Analyzing WA Theft Offenses pdficon grsmall

A Guide to 10-Year Cancellation of Removal pdficon grsmall

Tooby's Guide to Criminal Immigration Law

NWIRP Community Resources

Common Immigration Terms and Abbreviations pdficon grsmall


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