Federal Region 10 Parent Representation Leadership Forum

November 3-4, 2016 - Vancouver, WA

pdficon grsmall  Agenda

Innovation A La Carte

pdficon grsmall  Family Time/Visitation: The Road to Safe Reunification

pdficon grsmall  Washington State’s Parents for Parents Program

pdficon grsmall  The Role of the Expert

pdficon grsmall  Legislative Innovation in the Last Frontier

pdficon grsmall  Role of Parents Representation Social Worker

pdficon grsmall  Beyond Lawyering

pdficon grsmall  Heeding Gideon's Call in the Twenty-First Century Holistic Defense

Elements of High-Quality Representation- Raising the Bar for the Parent Attorneys

pdficon grsmall  Indicators of Success for Parent Representation


The New ICWA Regulations- Making the Promise of ICWA a Reality for Native Families

pdficon grsmall  Presentation Slides

pdficon grsmall  Quick Reference Sheet for the Tribes


What, So What, Now What?

pdficon grsmall  Parent Representation Forum- Action Planning Worksheet 






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